The modern enterprise includes businesses of all sizes. Each with its own way of working. Smaller, leaner, meaner means you often have to work even harder and smarter... with an even closer eye on the bottom line. The Vertical Summit offers advanced VoIP technology, low cost SIP trunking, on/off premise mobility, remote connectivity and the only built-in hospitality applications suite in a compact, cost-effective platform on which to easily build and expand your communications capabilities as your business grows.

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Vertical Summit — Communications for the Upwardly Mobile

Two sizes. More ways for small to mid-size businesses to more cost-effectively service customers, collaborate and work anywhere.

  • UCS Desktop & Mobile Clients for multimedia collaboration & call control capabilities Read more
  • Enhanced IP Call Recording capabilities Read more
  • Real-time presence-based call routing & management at a glance
  • Secure IM
  • 6-way videoconferencing
  • 1:1 mobile video calling
  • ClickCall direct dialing from Web pages & other Windows-based files
  • Dedicated Hospitality telephony feature set
  • Easy to use GUI-based system configuration

Built-In Hospitality Applications Suite

Activated with a separate license, the Summit Hospitality Suite is accessible through an exclusive property management interface and includes standard features such as room status, wake-up calls, check in/out and more.

Summit Hospitality Suite Features
  • Fidelio Interface
  • Flexible Buttons on Front Desk Phone for
  • Simple Default Feature Configuration
  • Hotel Service Stations
  • Hotel Name Registration
  • Check-in/Change Room Status
  • Check-out
  • Maid Status
  • Bath Alarm
  • Room Rate Assign
  • Default Call Charge Rate
  • Baby Listening
  • Fee for Part Time Room Rate
  • Additional Tax Fields
  • Call Answer Recognition
  • Auto Internal Speed Directory
  • Multi-front Desk
  • Set Call Forward
  • Form Feed Button
  • Suite Room with Personal Group
  • Move Room
  • Print Room Status
  • Intercom Call Enable/Disable
  • Default Room to Room Call Group
  • One-time CO Call Enable
  • Change LCD Display Language
  • Register Bar & Mini-Bar Charge

  • Flexible Phone Options

    Get the most out of the Summitís feature set with a variety of Vertical phones, including the superior user experience of the VIP 1000i Series, the Edge 9000 Series IP and digital phones, and DECT phones featuring display-based interfaces, call logs, self-labeling keys, and simplified administration.


    Edge 9000 Series Phones

    The Best Fit for Your Business

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