⇒ Are you a current Mitel customer looking to upgrade to cloud communications?

⇒ Are you specifically looking for cloud communications from the industry leader?

⇒ Do you need to integrate custom business applications that aren't compatible anywhere else?

⇒ Do you need a world-class implementation partner to deliver your cloud solution?

⇒ Would your team benefit from integrated collaboration tools, such as document sharing and screen sharing?

If your answer is yes to two or more of these questions, then RingCentral is right for your business!

Today's Work Environment Is More Complex Than Ever

RingCentral Modern Work from Home Environment Infographic

The employee day is more complicated than ever. Many are now working entirely at home. For others, it changes from day to day. We're working in more places using more communications tools and platforms than ever. RingCentral is a versatile tool that empowers your teams to succeed in this complex environment.

The RingCentral Open Platform

Collaborate from Anywhere with Vertical and RingCentral

RingCentral offers a full suite of communications tools in one single package. This includes real-time chatting, video conferencing, and phone calls for employee communications. It also offers customer-facing tools like contact center, digital engagement, intelligent routing, and much more.

RingCentral brings your Customer Experience together with your Employee Experience-and gives you the tools to manage them both. Every business uses different tools and has different communications needs. With RingCentral, you have everything, integrated together.

Vertical will help you figure out exactly which tools you need and how best to implement them. With 974 years of combined experience, our technicians ensure you get a tailored solution design, a worry-free installation, and service that works the first time.

RingCentral Open Platform for Customer and Employee Communication Infographic

RingCentral Open Platform for Customer and Employee Communication Infographic

"Vertical Communications has an impressive track record of delivering transformative communications solutions to SMB and Enterprise customers. We're excited to partner with them to offer RingCentral's integrated unified communications and contact center products, and look forward to working together collaboratively to help customers upgrade to the cloud."

--Wendy Harmon, AVP of Global Partner Programs, RingCentral

RingCentral MVP Unified Communications

Get RingCentral MVP with Vertical

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Get RingCentral MVP with Vertical

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Endless Integrations with RingCentral

A Better Customer Experience for Everyone

For the all-in cloud enterprise, how do you connect disparate apps? You need a system that is open and interoperable. That's RingCentral! RingCentral has an open developer platform... and it has been exploding!

There are over 1,000 certified apps and over 10,000 developers working on the platform. Imagine expanding your developer team by 10,000!

With so many apps, where do you start? Vertical will help you set up your apps and get the most out of these integrations. We'll seamlessly connect all of your existing cloud services, so your RingCentral experience is both integrated and optimized.

Start Integrating

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RingCentral is now the cloud communications solution for Mitel customers. This allows Mitel to bring market-leading UCaaS and CCaaS solutions to its customers, providing a clear and flexible path into the future, whether the choice is cloud, premise, or a hybrid of both. Mitel and RingCentral will work together to make this transition as easy and seamless as possible, but it also requires your service partner to be fully trained and experienced with cloud.

As one of Mitel's top resellers in North America, Vertical has taken on the challenge of transitioning our clients to RingCentral when they are ready. Vertical is a direct RingCentral partner and a top Mitel provider in the USA... we're in a perfect position to help! We'll answer all your questions and, if it's the right time, help get your transition started.

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Choose Vertical and Experience the Vertical Difference

Exceptional Service

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We deliver industry-leading communications solutions to SMB and Large Enterprise customers. Phones, SIP trunks, applications; get it all from Vertical.

Professional Planning, Prep, and Installation

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During installation, we stay by your side. A Project Manager and Technician will join your team to ensure every step goes right so that you never have to worry.

World-Class Service and Support

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A world-class Support Team guarantees your communications are kept at 100%. The team averages 10+ years of experience and has been internationally recognized for incredible service.

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