Make Your Communications As Reliable

As The Equipment You Sell

Do you sell large equipment for farms, construction, or manufacturing? Vertical Communications is the expert on improving your communications. Vertical has worked with large equipment dealers like you and significantly improved their communications while reducing costs.

Sloan Implement tractor

Sloan Implement - A Vertical Success Story

Sloan Implement is the one of the largest John Deere dealers in the world offering parts, equipment, and service in Illinois and Wisconsin. Sloan contracted Vertical Communications to update their corporate wide communications across all 20 stores and their HQ. Vertical integrated with their CRM, mobile-enabled their field technicians, and ensured every store's communications were disaster proofed all while reducing monthly costs.

"Vertical replaced our entire telephone system, and while new phones are good, what Vertical has provided has been a huge hit." - Sloan Implement

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Reduce Your Monthly Telco Costs

As you expand your footprint to new locations, one of the key challenges is finding economies of scale and reducing total expenses. Vertical can help with solutions for reducing monthly bills and improving efficiency in new storefronts. Our proven process for reducing costs can help you realize a significant ROI.

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Screenshot of CRM record tracking on mobile phone

Connect Your Phones To Your CRM

Taking care of customers is critical to your business. Resolve customer issues faster with automatic CRM screen-pops displaying customer information for every call. Vertical offers integrations with leading CRM packages as well as industry-specific solutions like CustomerTRAX. Every customer call can automatically display their CRM record for faster response and better service.

Make my customer service team more efficient.

Man standing in a field holding a tablet and mobile device

Accelerate Your Service Team

Vertical offers a proven solution for reducing customer service visits using mobile video. We enable mobile communications solutions that makes sure your tech can solve the problem on the first visit using help from your senior technicians through chat and video services.

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Guarantee Your Customer Communications

Your customers need to be able to get ahold of you no matter what. Vertical Communications designs solutions to make sure your stores stay in contact even when the power fails, the last mile network is cut, or any other disaster looms. Redundancy and reliability are guaranteed with Vertical's Disaster Prevention.

I want to prevent disaster, not recover from it.

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Get The Right Project Management

Implementing a new communications system is just as complicated as the machines that your team sells and services. It's critical that you partner with experts that understands your business, tailors the solution to your precise needs, and guarantees that the implementation process run smoothly.

Give me great project management.

Business man staring across a field at a cloud shaped like a question mark

Transition To The Cloud

Is it time for you to consider moving to cloud communications? While cloud isn't right for every business, there are many benefits to it, including reduced capital investment, faster technology refresh, and ease of deployment. Vertical Communications can help you decide if cloud is right for you.

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Map showing how to connect store locations

Connect All of Your Store Locations

Are you acquiring new store locations to expand your footprint? Vertical Communications ensures that all of your stores share a common communications infrastructure. Standardizing on one set of features makes it simple for your stores to operate at peak efficiency while reducing ongoing operational expenses.

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