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iPECS Cloud: Cloud Communications You Can Depend On

Today's fast-paced world enables your team to work anywhere or anytime. Whether you are in a single office, always on the road, or a home worker, you need consistent communications to accelerate your team. iPECS Cloud delivers scalable, reliable cloud phone systems to make sure customers are quickly connected to the right person, every time.


iPECS Cloud: Strength to Support your Communications World

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Powerful Communications for all Business Sizes

If you are just starting out, iPECS Cloud supports small businesses with just a couple of users. When your business takes off, simply add more users or locations. iPECS UCM supports up to 960,000 user and 65,000 locations- we've got you covered. There's no up-front investment, just purchase the services and features you need right now. iPECS Cloud makes your business smarter and faster.

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Economical Enterprise-Grade Systems

Every dollar in your budget is precious. You need to make smart decisions about how you spend your money. iPECS Cloud delivers enterprise grade features at small business prices with no need to pay big premiums for features you don't need.

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Secure and Reliable Operations

In today's high-threat environment, every business communication is at risk. iPECS Cloud protects your communications using military-grade security at every step. You are protected from any service outages and guarantees reliability because Vertical Communications owns every part of your telecommunications solutions. From the Vertical phone on your desk, to the option for Vertical network service, to the Vertical support team standing behind it all, Vertical Communications delivers it all. With Vertical Communications there's only one responsible party: that's One Vertical. With our "One Vertical" solution, you only have "one throat to choke" if anything goes wrong. We do it all.

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Tailored Systems to Your Unique Business Needs

Your business is unique and your telecommunications solution should be too. Every iPECS Cloud cloud deployment is tailored to your distinct business needs by Vertical Communications' experienced team of solution engineers. The broad array of voice applications and scalability options iPECS Cloud hosts provides a comprehensive toolset to accommodate all of your special use cases.

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There's nothing more important to your business than speaking to your customers. Guarantee that connection with iPECS Cloud. Learn more about how iPECS Cloud can solve your communications by submitting the adjacent form.

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iPECS Cloud Feature Packages

iPECS Cloud offers four types of packages to match the variety of phone types you need.

Phone Only

When a location just needs a phone, the Phone Only user package meets the bill. This phone works for reception areas, docks, hall phones and other locations that donít need voicemail or a direct dial number. The Phone Only user provides simple, reliable communications as an economical cost.


One step up from the Phone Only package, the Basic user still just needs a phone that works, but with a couple key additional features: voicemail and a direct dial number. This package gives you a fully functional phone option, but keeps the features, and most importantly cost, at a minimum.


For everyday office workers (both at a company location or at-home remote workers), the Premium user package fits the bill. Each standard user gets their own phone number, a voicemail box, and full access to the iPECS Cloud array of phone features including mobile and desktop UC clients, call recording, conferencing, local directory, programmable feature buttons, and more.

Premium Plus

Road workers, knowledge workers, and executives are best served by the iPECS Cloud Premium Plus user. In addition to everything the premium user has to offer, Premium Plus includes the ability to share presence, chat with co-workers, initiate video calls, and pair with their desktop phone. Users who live on the phone will certainly want the Premium Plus user package.

Add-on Features

Vertical Communications Phones

iPECS Cloud offers one thing few other cloud solutions do: the Vertical Communications branded phone. Providing you with a high-quality handset that tightly integrates with our cloud phone system is a key part of the One Vertical concept. Vertical Communications phones program easily from the iPECS Cloud web portal. You can configure hundreds of advanced telephony features for every use case. The Vertical solutions team is ready to help you determine exactly what you need and tailor the phone to your business.

iPECS Cloud Architecture

24x7 monitored data centered
with biometric security

Located in areas with
FEMA certified low natural
disaster risk

Peering with every major
carrier backbone

UTI Tier III designed
Pro-actively monitored
for voice quality as well
as up-time

iPECS Cloud is built from the ground up as a highly redundant cloud solution that eliminates your worries while giving you access to all the features you want. You can plug in phones anywhere you have an internet connection and get started knowing that Vertical Communications' infrastructure is ready to support you. Every call is pro-actively monitored as well with our Voice Quality Monitoring agent built into Vertical Communications phones and gateways. This ensures we know about any call quality problems even before you do. We'll start working right away to fix the problems so you never have to worry.

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Single Location Business

iPECS Cloud offers enterprise power and reliability at small business prices. The latest VOIP features and capabilities support growth in your operation without a capital investment. iPECS Cloud offers a cloud solution that lets you focus on being successful.

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Multi-Location Companies

Growing businesses need the best solution to link multiple locations, standardize communications, and reduce management headaches. iPECS Cloud makes connecting multi-location offices simple. Use iPECS Cloud as a multi-site solution by setting up virtual locations in the cloud management portal. Each location can have its own phone number and auto-attendant while still being managed under a single web page. Simplicity and scalability in one.

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Global Enterprises

iPECS Cloud is the first cloud solution truly built to serve the large enterprise. iPECS UCM scales to support 960,000 users at 65,000 locations so you know it will fit your organization. iPECS Cloud is in use today by Fortune 500 companies around the world.

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Get Going with Vertical

There's nothing more important to your business than speaking to your customers. Guarantee that connection with iPECS Cloud. Learn more about how iPECS Cloud can solve your communications by submitting the adjacent form.

One Vertical with Vertical Communications and Ericsson-LG Enterprise

iPECS Cloud, part of the Ericsson-LG Enterprise brand, adds to the One Vertical concept, ensuring that customers can rely upon a single vendor for the entirety of their telecom needs. The One Vertical portfolio includes premise and cloud solutions, phones, internet connections, applications, and more, all supported by the Vertical Communications service team. Bundling all of these services together provides Vertical customers with a simplified support solution. Vertical Communications is the single point of contact for all telecommunications services.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise is a leading provider of business communications solution with over 40 years of experience in the global market. Ericsson-LG Enterprise delivers a complete product lineup for Unified Communications from small to large-sized businesses and establishes its strong position through advanced technology and diverse reference sites.