Solve Your Contact Center Problems With 8x8

⇒ Does your contact center have a high attrition rate?

⇒ Are your contact center employees bad at working together to solve customer problems?

⇒ Have you implemented multi-channel queues (with voice, chat, e-mail and social available)?

⇒ Is your current reporting weak or ineffective?

⇒ Are you looking to upgrade your contact center with Quality Management?

⇒ Do you need to better understand your customer journey?

⇒ Are you looking for speech analytics to improve performance?

⇒ Is workforce management one of your priorities?

If your answer is yes to two or more of these questions, then Vertical can help!

Are These Your Contact Center Challenges?

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8X8 Virtual Contact Center Solves Your Problems

The Vertical team is ready to dig into your organizational challenges and identify the right solution to meet your needs. 8X8 offers a comprehensive array of contact center features that can be tailored to resolve any business need.

Simplify Contact Center Management

The average contact center has to engage with 18 different communications vendors. Managing your contact center should be simpler. 8x8 offers an integrated and simpler solution with world-class contact center, phone, video, chat, collaboration, workforce optimization, speech analytics, and IVR in a single platform. Get everything you need in One System of Engagement from 8x8 and One System of Support from Vertical Communications.

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Why The 8X8 Contact Center?

Don't just take Vertical's word for it. 8x8 has been recognized by the Gartner Group for 8 years in a row as a visionary leader in UCaas with the ability to deliver on their vision. The Tolly Group rated 8x8 as best in the industry for superior VOIP call quality. In 2018, Call & Contact Center Expo recognized 8x8 for being the best communications provider in the market for contact centers. We partnered with 8x8 because it is simply the best cloud communications solution on the market.

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Direct Insight Into Your Customer Journey

To deliver a customer experience your competitors can't match, you need insight into your customer's journey. With 8x8 Customer Experience Analytics, you now have a step-by-step view of the caller's journey from the moment they reach the IVR through to call termination. You can see which selections were made in the IVR, queue information, agent connection and even post-call survey results.

Quickly Connect Callers And Agents With Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a critical component of any contact center, allowing customers to get quick answers to simple questions and helping companies identify the right resource to help a customer with a given issue. 8x8's has powerful IVR capabilities that help in a number of ways:

Improve The Customer Service Experience:
  • Help customers find the information they need through self-service functions.
  • Identify who is calling and route them to the best available agent.
  • Give callers access to information even after business hours.

Provide Value To Your Organization

  • Lower costs by automatically answering common questions.
  • Easily manage your IVRs online for complete control.
  • Create custom schedules for holidays and special events.
  • Make changes to your IVR on the fly.

Add Speech Analytics For Serious Analysis of Customer Interactions

With 100% transcription and analysis of every call, you can understand exactly what's happening on every call. Finding trends, seeing issues, and evaluating agents, helps you determine new processes for your team.

Diagram of how 8x8 speech analytics work

8X8 Contact Center Features

The Vertical team is ready to dig into your organizational challenges and identify the right solution to meet your needs. 8X8 offers a comprehensive array of features that mix and match to resolve any business need.

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How Does V8 Support The Contact Center?

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When you partner with Vertical, Vertical provides expert consulting on designing and deploying your contact center and your entire solution. Get the best possible support to enhance your customer experience.

Learn more about the Power of V8 Support.

Ready to Transform Your Contact Center?

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