⇒ Do you want a pro-active security team monitoring your communications systems 24/7?

⇒ Do you have offices or do business internationally?

⇒ Do you need Five 9s of reliability delivered from geo-redundant data centers?

⇒ Do you want one platform for all of your communications (voice, video, chat, collaboration, contact center, text, fax)?

⇒ Are you looking for the most advanced and mature cloud solution on the market?

⇒ Do you need a Gartner recognized magic-quadrant solution for UCaaS and/or CCaaS?

If your answer is yes to two or more of these questions, then 8x8 is right for your business!

Super-Charge Your Communications With V8

Vertical Communications and 8x8 have partnered for a unique cloud solution, V8. Combining Vertical's award-winning design, install, and service with 8x8's industry-leading UCaaS and CCaas solution means you can accelerate your cloud deployment. V8 delivers a super-charged cloud solution unlike anything else on the market.

One Cloud Solution For Voice, Meetings, Collaboration, Call Center, And More

Unify your communications to arm your employees with the tools they need to communicate, collaborate, and access your organization's most valuable data and experts in one intelligent, easy-to-manage solution. One engagement platform allows you to move at the speed of employee and customer expectations, leading to less churn and more revenue.

Why Is Vertical Your Best Choice For Delivering 8X8 Solutions?

8x8 recognizes Vertical as the best Value-Added Reseller in North America for delivering 8x8 solutions to customers. Who better than 8x8 themselves to identify the best partner for delivering your cloud communications' solution? See the (brief) awards ceremony video.

Vertical is a proven provider of 8x8 solutions with hundreds of customers deployed across the country. Our average Net Promoter Score (NPS) from our customers is 73 which is world-class. When you go with 8x8 through Vertical, you will get Vertical's proven tri-fecta of solutions tailored to your specific need, a worry-free install experience, and ongoing award-winning support.

What Are You Looking For?

V8 covers all of your communications needs. 8x8's integrated communications combined with Vertical's service and support means that you will have powerful communications that support your needs and stay up and running no matter what.

Hand holding phone and using computer representing Unified Communications as a Service concept

Unified Communications As A Service

Get voice, video, chat, conferencing, and team collaboration in a single interface. The 8x8 solution brings together all of your communications in one application. Every user has access to mobile and desktop UC. Best of all, you don't have to manage it. It's all taken care of in the cloud by Vertical and 8x8.

Engage with UCs
Two business people holding a phone and a notebook making plans

Mobile Enablement

Work happens everywhere. Your team needs to be able to make and receive work calls from their smartphone. And your customers want to talk via SMS/Text. You need to own the customer relationship through that smartphone. Vertical and 8x8 combine to offer a solution that meets all of those needs.

Streamline Business Communications
Group of business people gesturing towards computer screen and smiling

Team Collaboration

Increase productivity by offering team collaboration for your entire organization? If you are like many companies, you may have deployments already in some departments, but no company-wide strategy. Vertical and 8x8 can connect those disparate platforms together and give you a single team collaboration solution.

Enable Team Collaboration
Smiling man wearing headphones and smiling at his laptop

100 User Conferencing

Easily engage from anywhere on any device with audio or video conferencing. Share content internally or externally. If you are looking for a single integrated conferencing solution, then Vertical and 8x8 can help.

Engage Anywhere
Group of logos including Outlook Salesforce Gsuite and Netsuite

Application Integration

Increase your employee productivity and empower your remote and global users with application integration. If your platform isn't already integrated, the V8 difference means that Vertical may be able to build an integration.

Integrate With 8x8
Set of devices displaying different types of analytics


Manage your organization with better data. All of your communications information from phones on the desk, to contact center, to team messaging are in one place. Vertical can help you identify the right reporting that you need to make decisions.

Get In-Depth Reporting
A laptop mobile phone and coffee cup on top of a desk

Remote Work

Support remote workers and increase their productivity with unified communications and collaboration. Visibility into other workers availability, multiple means of communication, and flawless communications means your remote workers will have all the benefits of being in office– without the distraction.

Increase Productivity
A contact center worker smiling and wearing a headset

Contact Center

Upgrade your contact center with technology that is always cutting edge. From simple voice queues, to multi-channel (chat, e-mail, social), to quality management, speech analytics, workforce management, and more. Vertical can design the right solution to improve your customer interactions.

Unify Your Contact Center
Image of a woman wearing glasses using computer with an overlay of analytics


Guarantee your communications stay up and running no matter what. 15 data centers worldwide means that your communications solution is distributed world-wide to avoid any possible disasters that would remove service. A proactive team monitoring call quality and security means you never have to worry.

Guarantee Your Communications
Image of a globe with V8 logo overlaid

Worldwide Business Support

If you are doing business in multiple countries, you need a communications solution that is optimized for world-wide deployment. 8x8 delivers a truly global solution with 15 data centers around the world, years of global deployments, and unlimited international calling plans.

Enable Your Global Business
Illustration of lock laying over a secure data center

Compliance Certifications

No other provider does more to safeguard the security and compliance of your mission-critical communications. Rest easy knowing that 8x8 is HIPAA, FISMA, CPNI, ISO 27001, Privacy Shield Framework, Cyber Essentials, ISO 9001, and UK Government ATO certified.

Safeguard Your Communications

The Power Of A Single Integrated System

8x8 delivers powerful communications by connecting your entire solution into a single system. This One System model means there's one user interface for you to learn. There's one place to go for all of your applications, reports, and support. There's one answer to all of your communications problem. Simplify your life with 8x8's one system.

One System Of Engagement

8x8's one system of engagement

Are your phones, conferencing, contact center, chat, fax, and collaboration systems all in one application and managed in a single interface? If not, then your business could be working smarter and faster. One system of engagement means that you have a singular system of communication for all your needs.

With 8x8 you never have to switch between communication interfaces. Whether you want to chat, call, video, conference, or collaborate, all communication happens in the same place. It doesn't matter if you are texting with a customer, or video conferencing with your team, it's all in one system to engage with everyone. Don't settle for a solution that forces you to move between different applications to make calls, conferencing, or chat.

Get An All-In-One Solution

One System Of Intelligence

8x8's one system of intelligence

Is all of your communications data accessible from one location? With 8x8, all of your data resides in one system. You can access your data with one reporting interface or you can use one set of APIs to integrate the information into your larger data mart.

Stop searching between multiple systems. Get everyone looking at the same information with one system of intelligence for all of your communications from contact center to call quality. It's all here.

Get Intelligent Communications

One System Of Support

Vertical and 8x8 partner together to create V8's one system of support

You can relax with one system of support for all of your communication needs. Stop calling internet providers, cloud vendors, and hardware manufacturers. Stop getting the run-around.

With one system of support, Vertical is who you call whenever you have a problem. We will support your 8x8 system, the phones on the desk, the last-mile internet, the wide-area network connecting your locations, and your custom software integrations we provide. Vertical is the only call you need to make.

Get V8 Support

Why 8x8?

Don't just take Vertical's word for it. 8x8 has been recognized by the Gartner Group for 8 years in a row as a visionary leader in UCaas with the ability to deliver on their vision.The Tolly Group rated 8x8 as best in the industry for superior VOIP call quality. In 2018, Call & Contact Center Expo recognized 8x8 for being the best communications provider in the market for contact centers. We partnered with 8x8 because it is simply the best cloud communications solution on the market.

8x8's award icons from Gartner Group and the Tolly Group

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